Setup Flask-Nginx-SSL

Step 1:

Install the Pre-Requiresties:

sudo apt-get install python3-pip python3-dev Nginx

create virtualenv

activate virtualenv

Install the gunicorn inside the virtualenv that you have created now

pip install gunicorn

Step 2:

Create WSGI File in your project home directory:

vim project/

Paste this below code into file

from views import app#Here views is my flask run server file, you #can mention your run server package   

if __name__ == “__main__”:

To check wsgi configuration run the following command:

gunicorn — bind wsgi:app

Now deactivate the virtualenv

deactivate virtualenv

Step 3:

Create a systemd Unit File
systemd unit file will allow Ubuntu’s init system…

Reports plays a major role in current business outlook for making critical and non critical decisions. Business people always like to play with reports in terms of analyzing the business flow and status. This inturn becoming a unavoidable component in the mind of 2K entrepreneurs & beyond.

When we are developing an application, the Reports module adds more value to the application, It doesn’t matter on scales of the(small/ large scale) application. Because Data always in demand and charm as well.

We spend a lot of time building the table report. The process includes:

  1. Define filters for each report.
  2. Write…

Setting up the User-Management module is a hard-knock for developers.
Django comes with an aid box called Auth Model to help us to achieve this in shortened code.
Django allows us to modify the authentication method according to our requirements like login with a phone number, email rather than username.

Let’s take an example:

Note: Before starting the project make sure that you activated virtualenv and installed django package in that virtaulenv.

Create a project:

django-admin startproject Django_Custom_Auth

Navigate into that newly created project:

cd Django_Custom_Auth

Create a new app:

python startapp accounts

and in accounts, we are going…

When we develop a Web Application, handling data is vital as there will be a lot of forms/submissions from the user.

Maintaining and processing data is a critical task for any Backend team (like me :))

We should follow a set of protocols to upload data into the database. I learnt this mantra when I built my first ever application named Dossier (To read more: dossier)

I always use python scripts to import CSV data into databases as my ETL Script. and this helps in all kinds of data importing.

When it comes to Django web development, we should follow…

I have been working as a Software Engineer for the last four years, focusing on the back-end operations.

I have hands-on experience in ETL tools like SAP BODS, SAP WEBI, DELL BOOMI.

Without Knowledge action is useless, and Knowledge without action is futile.!

So, I Questioned myself, what I learned for past years? What contribution did I make to the Engineering world?

So, I landed with an idea — why can’t I build an Application with all I learnt in my favourite area and address the challenges in the Database.

These questions filled my mind, and I answered it with…

Docker Basics

Hi folks, Now I’m going to share my experience on working with docker. Docker is an awesome technology which is used to make our development process easy and we can move it from one machine to another. Following things are what I feel when I’m using the docker: a helpful tool for packing, shipping, and running applications within “containers.”

Containers and VM’s are similar in their goals: to isolate an application and its dependencies into a self-contained unit which can run anywhere.

Moreover, containers and VMs remove the need for physical hardware, allowing more efficient use of computing…

Hi Folks, I would like to share our experience while configuring a FTP Server. As per our research, we decided to use python for back end. We never had any previous experience in python. So, to start with things, we completed the initial installation process for python. Then we explored ways to develop the code to transfer files from one FTP Server to another. We never found any

predeveloped code for our requirement. After days of exploration we realized, it was not that easy to transfer files between two FTP Server directly. Then we did a workaround. …

Ramesh Ponnusamy

Full-stack developer, DevOps, Python, SQL, Javascript, Flask, Django, Ubuntu, Freelancer. Well good at handling the data. Gmail:

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